A woman caught between her vocation and her family

Johanna loves her job. Working for the United Nations, she travels the world on humanitarian missions to bring desperately needed aid to the victims of war, persecution, and famine. But each time she returns to New York, yearning to be with her family, she feels like a stranger among them. Her husband Ralph and daughter Elsa believe Johanna cares more for people on the other side of the world than for her own family and have learned to manage their daily lives without her.

A moving novel about a woman torn between her passion for her career and her desire to care for her family, about deep-seated pain, guilt, and long-awaited reconciliations – against the backdrop of fascinating international settings.

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“A gripping family portrait that examines the unshakeable bonds of love and past secrets, subtly profound and emotionally powerful.”

Katharina Fuchs,
Author of “Eine Handvoll Leben”,
about “The Morning after the Rain”

“A deeply researched, emotional roller coaster ride of love, fate, and second chances.”

Kristin Harmel, New York Times bestselling author of “The Book of Lost Names”,
about “A Jewish Girl in Paris”

“An enthralling debut. Heart-wrenching.”

Adele Parks,
Sunday Times number one bestselling author,
about “A Jewish Girl in Paris”

The debut novel: three women, two tales of love, one destiny.

When Melanie Levensohn took her husband’s last name at their wedding, she became the namesake of his French cousin who had been killed in Auschwitz. Her tragic life inspired Melanie to write this novel.

»A Jewish Girl in Paris« - Cover for the English Translation of »Zwischen uns ein ganzes Leben«
Pan Macmillan, March 2023